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When an acquaintance recommended taking my son to House of Cards Sunday brunch during our house sit in Nashville, I was excited. Then I did some research and was shocked! This was not your normal family brunch Nashville restaurant.

House of Cards Sunday Brunch: Downsides

❌ The meal costs $40 a person.
❌ Drinks cost extra.
❌ There’s no discount for kids.
❌ There’s a strict dress code, for adults and kids.

Typically, House of Cards is for adults only. In addition, the House of Cards Nashville dress code states that formal cocktail attire is required. No children are permitted. However, their Sunday brunch is the exception to both rules.

So why pay “big bucks” to make kids get dressed up? Because House of Cards weekend brunch is so much more than just a meal!

During House of Cards Sunday Brunch, kids may dine at the restaurant. Also, the House of Cards brunch dress code is relaxed. At this meal skirts, khaki pants, and polo shirts are permitted.

Note: House of Cards Nashville Sunday Brunch is the only all-ages meal they allow.

As long as kids are well behaved, the restaurant doesn’t seem to mind during House of Cards Sunday brunch in Nashville. I wouldn’t take children much younger than seven, though.

Pro Tip: If you want a slightly fancier experience with older kids, House of Cards Nashville now offers family dinners on Sundays for ages 12+.

House of Cards Sunday Brunch: Upsides

1. Family Friendly Food

Yes, there are unique salads as well as raw oysters that most kids won’t touch. However, there are also breakfast and lunch staples on the menu that almost everyone can enjoy. Our little man preferred scrambled eggs and mac and cheese. We tried a little bit of everything, including the prime rib and shrimp cocktail. It was all delicious!

Everyone’s favorite was the DIY dessert bar. It had fresh Belgian waffles with a variety of toppings from candy and syrups to whipped cream and fruit. It was so tasty, I kind of regretted eating so much during the main course!

Pro Tip: Pace yourself with meal portions so you can enjoy each course.

2. Kids Love the Secret Entrance

Just finding House of Cards is a challenge. We parked with the House of Cards Valet, who told us to go inside the Johnny Cash Museum. Upon entering, halfway into the museum we saw a man in a black suit wearing a small lapel pin. It turned out that he was the bouncer. The restaurant was through an unmarked door in the basement.

We walked down the steps and saw a sign that said no photography inside, so we snapped a photo before opening the basement door. It felt like we were walking down into a medieval dungeon.

House of cards

3. It’s a Treasure Trove of History

Walking into the restaurant is like entering an old-fashioned speakeasy. The lighting is dark and the artwork is all originals from historical magicians. There are posters promoting magic acts by Houdini and other greats throughout the last few centuries.

In addition, there are playing cards from different points in history. Each is hung on the wall in a shadow box to protect it.

Fun Fact: The oldest card we found on display was from the 1300s!

No wonder they prohibit photography. The restaurant doesn’t want its artwork damaged. Our son’s mind was blown away at how old the decorations were. Seeing a playing card that was made 200 years before William Shakespeare was born is pretty cool!

The lighting inside the restaurant is dim enough that every diner receives a small pen-shaped flashlight. This allows visitors to look more clearly at the posters and other decors without damaging them with brighter ceiling lights.

4. The Table Magicians are Witty and Talented

In addition to breakfast, there are two table magicians sitting just beyond the main dining area. These two did primarily card tricks during our meal. Each routine lasted about 20 minutes.

Both magicians did a good job of engaging both kids and adults. They often included kids in the tricks. Our son begged to learn card tricks for several days afterward, so this part of the experience was clearly memorable.

Pro Tip: The Magicians usually sell magic books teaching tricks at the end of the show. Take some cash if you’re considering buying one!

5. It’s Breakfast AND a Show!

In addition to the table magicians in the dining area, there is also a full magic show. It takes place in a separate room and is open seating.

Thankfully, our waiter gave us a heads up on what was to come and suggested the time for us to get in line. Because of his great advice, we were able to get front-row seats so that our son was able to see everything perfectly!

Pro Tip: When your server brings your drinks, ask them when to get in line for the show!

6. There’s a Hidden Waterfall

In addition to the magicians and food, there’s also an outdoor seating area. Although it’s technically the smoking section, it’s also just beautiful to relax in for a bit. There are lush green plants as well as a waterfall!

After the magic show, we spent some time sitting outside. Again, our server was spot on for suggesting we check it out.

Pro Tip: To find the waterfall, walk to the end of the hallway behind the waffle buffet.

Conclusion: Is House of Cards Sunday Brunch Worth It?

It may have been a higher price point than we typically spend on a family meal. However, considering all that’s included, the experience is well worth the investment!

After all, we spent almost three hours at House of Cards. Between the meal, the table magicians, the magic show, and sitting outside it was a long family excursion.

We would absolutely return to House of Cards for brunch again. We’ve also been recommending it to friends who visit Nashville. For a family that prioritizes experiences over things, the $120+ price tag was worth every penny.